Resources for Learning to Code, Design and Improve.

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When you’re stuck in a rut, and it seems there’s no way out. It’s time to try something different.

I wanted to share with you some links and some practices that have helped me come a long way, in a relatively short period of time.

I’ll try and keep this list to free resources, and I’ll show you the ones which are worth forking out for if there is a cost.


How I went from Cowboy Coder to Professional Front-end Web Developer

unicorn coder

Ok so I quit a lot of jobs, I moved around, I’m a bad person for not picking one place to work and staying there forever. I moved not because I couldn’t sit still, but because I felt as though if I didn’t, I’d be stuck working dead end jobs for, and with, people with zero passion. This is a fate worse than death. Forty hours a week in a queue would be better than working some of the jobs I’ve had.

It took a lot of guts to walk away from places I’d been working. All the while loved ones, friends, colleagues screaming “What are you doing?!”

I learnt a lot, from friends, from strangers and from other people’s mistakes. I had no idea I’d end up in web development, but I’m so so glad I found something I’m good at that I can work hard at, and make a living from.

It all worked out for the best, and here’s how it all went, I even managed to get featured on teamtreehouse’s student stories section!


A Shell Script to Update your Package Managers

Update Package Manager

Ok so I forget to update my package managers all the time – and I made a mess of some dependencies. So I put a stop to it by writing this shell script.

First off I started out just having iTerm do it automatically by giving the commands to update on start. This was pretty long winded and I didn’t want all that going off every time I opened up my terminal to do some work, which is getting to be all the time now.

So what I needed was something to remind me to update and not automatically do it every time.