New Arrival: Meet Pickle the Kitten

sleepy head kitten

On Wednesday 10th June, we adopted little Pickle from Jonny’s neighbour.


Pickle the Tabby Cat
Pickle <3


She likes belly tickles, shoulder climbing, small spaces, pillow forts, finger nomming, jumping, butt wiggling and kitty milk!


Belly Tickles!
Belly Tickles!


Little Derpy Head
Derpy Head


People are for climbing!
People are for climbing!

She loves to tire herself out completely and then fall asleep, which is awesome. She entertains us and then conks out on lap, very snuggly! We’re currently training her to get on with the other cats in the house, and to get used to her carrier. We have to have her shots and everything done next week, which I’m dreading and I’m so glad I don’t have to go, because I admit I’m too much of a wuss to see her go through that, although I’m sure she will be fine, she’s a tough little monkey.



What is the internet for if not for sharing pictures of cats?


Sleepy girl..
Sleepy girl…

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