Passion & Skills

I’m a UX Designer & Web Developer who specialises in creating intuitive user experiences and beautiful, responsive websites, which get found – and noticed!

Why I do what I do:

I’ve managed SEO & PPC campaigns in the past, and have come to the conclusion that the best way to get your website found, is to have a great product or service from the start; to pour your passion and marketing nous, into your website from the very beginning.

Digital Marketing shouldn’t be bolted on to your website, or an after-thought, it’s a continuous process that should be nurtured, by the effort put into your online presence over time.

A fast, clean website — built for conversion, with it’s users as the key factor behind any design or development decision made, is a powerful marketing tool.




  • HTML5 & Semantic Markup
  • Planning and Wire-framing
  • Static Frameworks & Boilerplate (Bootstrap, Foundation) for rapid prototyping.
  • CSS3 & Preprocessors (Sass, Compass, Less)
  • Accessibility
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Javascript (& Libraries such as jQuery)
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Server & Hosting Set-up
  • Deployment and Testing
  • Mail Server & SMTP




  • Mock-up hi-fidelity concepts on a grid in Adobe Photoshop
  • Design and style icons, graphics, logos etc in Adobe Illustrator
  • Artwork & Stationary Design for Print



Team Skills & Agile

  • CLI Dev Tools (Yeoman, Grunt, Gulp, Bower etc)
  • Agile Collaboration
  • Git with Git Flow
  • Jira & Basecamp



Analysis & Technical

  • Google Analytics Set-up
  • Goal Filtering with Regex
  • Htaccess, Leverage Caching
  • Load Speed Optimisation




Outside of my work I enjoy breaking everything (no, really!), tinkering with Linux & Unix, Wood Carving, Guitar & Harmonica, Swimming, Video Games, Graphic Art, Sci Fi/ Fantasy and most of all, building beautiful web applications.

Write & share blogs & tutorials, of my own and by others, to help make the web a better place.

I support the open web & bleeding edge web standards.